Why Sri Harsha Defence Academy

What are Defence people like?

Quite simply. It’s people like you.

            If you have just left school or college and looking for a career-oriented Job to pick up, you can Join Defence forces like AF, NA, AV, NDA, for an Exciting career with more security than you would find in most other jobs.

            Are you looking for a one-stop,  place to get all information you need to join the (Armed forces?) Defence services? Then read on.

            Located in the midst of pleasant serve alluring atmosphere, with lush green landscapes around. The first place for the all-round excellence of the says. Our Regimented training results in Bright future your hard work sincerity skills & talents are given due recognition and rewarded. Great opportunities for the aspiring educated, talented and healthy young men. Teaching is impressive & inspiring every Teacher is caring & friendly wardens & Tutors concerned about well being of the students.

  • Join this prestigious service & Become proud partners in the National Defence.
  • Opportunities to the aspiring, educated, talented, & healthy young man.
  • Bright career & opportunities for fur then advancement in life.
  • Your search for an Exciting & immensely satisfying career ends right here waffling The docks.
  • Your hard work, sincerity, skills, and talents are given due recognition and rewarded Exceeds from every question.
  • A Cradle of Leadership that trains its men to lead from the front.
  • Future leader’s useful citizens are Groomed through SHDA
  • It is a matter of pride that former students of SHDA are today holding high offices and have Excelled in all walks of life.
  • The Task of SHDA is, however, lending and in need of constant up gradation.

Our Facilities


Hostel Facilities

The students are provided Iron cots, steel plates, Steel glasses and all the requirements needed within the Academy premises. The warden looks after the personal, physical, emotional needs and welfare of the boys. Tutors are appointed to assist the boys in their study during evening study hours. Sick students should inform the warden regarding their sickness immediately.The sick students are allowed to stay in sick room only on the advice of college doctor. The students are not permitted to use light after 10-30 p.m.. On request of the students the warden can arrange power in the corridor for night studies up to 12-00 p.m


Food Facilities

Students take their meals in a spacious dining hall. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served in the mess. The warden of the Academy dines with them to train them in self- service and to ensure polite behaviour at table and to maintain discipline during meals. The wardens also teach the boys proper eating habits and correct table manners. The parents are allowed to take lunch or dinner only after prior permission from the Director


Physical Training / GYM

All boys should take part in physical training including GYM practice. The Academy has adequate out door sites for physical training.

Extra Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities

A large number of these activities such as Debates, Quiz competitions, Group discussions etc. are held regularly throughout the year.

Doctor Visit

The Academy has a part time Doctor. All the boys are subjected to periodical medical checkups .


There are separate well –equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Electronics and Computer departments. The students can do lab experiments under the supervision of experienced lecturers of the concerned subjects.


The Academy has a well- equipped Library with a vast collection of reference books.